Travel Retail Organization
Sæther has been active on the Nordic Travel Retail market since 1983. Initially all Travel Retail customers were handled by the Travel Retail department within Sæther Nordic A/S in Denmark. But with the establishment of Saether Oy in Finland in 2008, a TR sales office was established in Helsinki for the Finnish and Baltic markets.

The central management of all our Travel Retail activities is placed in Denmark and in addition to servicing the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish markets, the department here also functions as brand management and back-office for the Finnish office. In addition a team of Beauty Consultants are securing professional promotion execution and sell-out service in all major points-of-sale.

We offer our partners increased visibility and influence in the Nordic Travel market and with the range of services we provide, we aim to give them the best possibilities of achieving a higher market share and turnover at the best cost level possible.

Kim Aakjær is Travel Retail director for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic.

Saether A/S Organization
Sæther Nordic A/S in Denmark is the Group company and is run by CEO Palle Pedersen. It consists together with Travel Retail, of the following subsidiaries:

E. Sæther A/S in Denmark is responsible for sales to retailers. The company is the largest in the Group and the original company established in 1983. E. Sæther A/S is the market leader in the Danish market.Tage Juhl Finninge is managing director of E. Sæther A/S.

E. Saether AB in Sweden is responsible for sales to retailers. The company was established in 2001. E. Sæther AB represents an important and dynamic portfolio of brands in the Swedish market. Caroline Block is managing director of E. Saether AB.

E. Sæther AS in Norway is responsible for sales to retailers. The company was established in 2017. Peder Madsen is managing director of E. Sæther AS.