Sæther Nordic Group

SÆTHER was founded in 1983 by Ellinor Sæther and as such the company carries her name. However, this is not our only heritage…

Ellinor Sæther
Ellinor Sæther’s clear vision, strong presence and profound business acumen have for decades characterized the solid growth of the company from the very beginning with the 2 brands Max Factor and Mary Quant up until today, where SÆTHER distribute 100+ brands in the region.

Ellinor Sæther’s strong philosophy is rooted in handling all brands as if they were her very own and always with an unstoppable attention to brand building, sales and the recruitment of the ‘right’ people - one of her mantras being ‘It’s a people’s business’.
Today, Ellinor Sæther is still the majority shareholder and active as Executive Chairman of the Board

Distributor with a Scandinavian business model
SÆTHER Nordic in Denmark is the group company with subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Each subsidiary act as a distributor for skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair brands within the Prestige, Consumer and Professional Hair categories offering a full Scandinavian business model to its partners – both on a domestic as well as a travel retail level.

Nordic with a local approach
SÆTHER Nordic works from an overall Nordic level philosophy with one point of contact and with a local approach in relation to sales & marketing in each country.

Our Nordic Marketing Directors are situated at the group company in Farum, Denmark and work closely across country boarders with the local teams creating added value for our partners and drive & develop their brands’ presence in the Nordic region.

All backoffice support functions such as purchase, logistics & warehousing as well as Finance & IT are handled at a Nordic level centrally from Farum, Denmark.