The company was founded in 1983 by Ellinor Sæther and has from the beginning been characterized by strong growth in the Nordic region. In 2020, the Sæther Nordic Group had a turnover of 125 MEUR.

It all started with Mary Quant and Max Factor in 1983. Then many brands were added, for example Clarins followed in 1986, Hugo Boss in 1988 and Calvin Klein in 1995 to mention a few. New brands have been added over the years and today the Group represents 100+ well-known fragrance, make-up, hair and skincare brands.

Sæther Nordic A/S in Denmark is the Group company and is run by CEO Palle Pedersen.

The Group consists of the following subsidiaries:

E. Sæther A/S in Denmark responsible for sales to retailers.
The company is the largest in the Group and the original company established in 1983. E. Sæther A/S is the market leader in the Danish market.

Parisa Shave is managing director of E. Sæther A/S.

E. Sæther AS in Norway responsible for sales to retailers.
The company was established in 2017.

Peder Madsen is managing director of E. Sæther AS.

E. Saether AB in Sweden responsible for sales to retailers.

The company was acquired in 2001 and represents an important and dynamic portfolio of brands in the Swedish market.

Hege Lampe is managing director of E. Saether AB.

Saether Oy in Finland responsible for the sales activities for the Baltic Travel Retail market and Finnish domestic market, with back-up from the Danish office.

Saether Nordic A/S established Saether Oy in 2008 primarily to operate in the Finnish/Baltic Travel Retail market. In 2019, Saether Oy expanded also into the Finnish domestic market, including both beauty and hair care products.

Kim Aakjær is Managing Director of Saether Oy and Travel Retail Director for the Nordic region.