Our model

Sæther Nordic is the preferred business partner in Scandinavia
Sæther Nordic Group is a distributor of nearly 100 well-known, international fragrance, makeup, hair and skincare brands in Scandinavia. As a distributor Sæther Nordic is working with the entire value chain on behalf of the brand owners. The task for each local company is to create value for the brand owners towards the customers.

Nordic and local
Today we work with a business model where some functions are handled locally and others across the Nordic region. In this way we create value for our partners and allow them to develop their presence in the Nordic region. Sæther’s strength is based on a thorough knowledge of the region and the different local markets as well as the quality of relationships at all levels of the value chain.

In each market, there is thus a fully registered company which is a member of the local trade association. Each local company has a complete and local sales & marketing organization. Purchasing is controlled locally but collected centrally at a Nordic level. There is also only one Nordic warehouse located in Farum, however all customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland have direct deliveries. All processes with customers are connected via EDI.

In 2017 alone the warehouse received more than 11 million units. The warehouse employees packed more than 2 million order lines into more than 250,000 boxes, weighing more than 120 tons. We ship to more than 4,000 retail locations in Scandinavia.

With a high number of brands, logistics play a very important role. In our warehouse we store more than 16,000 stock keeping units.  

We strongly believe that it is people, passion, principles and profits which are driving growth. These are our values.